Born out of necessity, Emory Enterprises was founded to deliver quality-focused IT solutions that empower organizations to reach higher standards and create business value.


A common (but good) problem shared by small businesses is when they experience sudden growth that is beyond what the current organization can handle. When this happens, the company will address its most pressing needs (staffing, security, IT, facilities, accounting, finance, etc.) first in order to quickly fulfill the requirements of the newly acquired work. And this often leaves critical business processes behind and unable to scale to meet the new demands of the organization. Ineffective and inefficient processes hold back a company from being able to grow and mature, and introduce waste throughout.

This is a scenario we have seen all too often. We are called upon to introduce and institute structure and rigor to enable an organization to not only work more efficiently and collaboratively via the implementation of enterprise-wide processes based on best practices, but also put the necessary pieces in place to achieve external quality certifications, like ISO and CMMI, that can lead to more business opportunities. Over time, we recognized that this customized model can successfully be applied and tailored to many other organizations faced with similar challenges. And thus, Emory Enterprises was born.


To empower organizations to reach higher standards, optimize costs, and create business value by leveraging internationally-recognized industry best practices with solutions designed using modern technologies.


To enable organizations to reach their operational potential through hyper-automation while achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Integrity: we provide you with honest, transparent, high-quality work products that leverage objective information to ensure the root cause is properly addressed and the solution is long-lasting and sustainable
  • Precision: we develop solutions that focus on the fine details of the organization's strategy, not just the high-level ones
  • Universal: we use a big-picture approach when developing solutions to ensure the organization's needs are fully considered and met


Emory Enterprises is led by Randall J. Emory. See his qualifications and experience here.

Capability Statement

Please find our Capability Statement here.